3D Design

3D design is a highly specialized challenge that few agencies are capable of approaching.

In an ever changing world, 3D design is fast becoming an essential tool of business – enabling companies to envision and represent realities that cannot be captured in any medium other than the imagination.

Whether for advertising, in-house presentations, or any other commercial activity, 3D design relies heavily on the point at which art meets technology.


We are available for residential or commercial consultations and offers a full scope of services including:
• Color Consultations
• Conceptual Design Space Planning
• Drafting Budget
• Planning Custom Furniture
• Cabinet Design Kitchen
• Bath Remodels
• Construction Coordination
• Furniture Plans
• Lighting Plans
• Selection of Fabrics
• Wall Coverings
• Furniture
• Flooring
• Window Treatments
• Accessories
• Purchasing

Design Problems

Paint: What colors should I paint my house? How many colors can I use? How will I know if like them before I start painting?
Furniture: How do I arrange my current furniture? New furniture or furniture from 2 households that are being combined. What additional pieces of furniture do I need?
Lighting: Where should I put additional lights? How do I create a mood with lighting? How do I highlight art and accessories?
Accessories: How do I add art and accessories? How do I reorganize my existing collections?
Space Planning: I have my plans from the architect. How do I know if the furniture will fit?

Staging of ‘For Sale’ Homes

Muse Design has set the standard for staging interiors. We offer a unique approach of blending the architecture of your property with furniture and design elements to produce the most welcoming setting for perspective buyers. The most successful real estate performers unanimously agree that in any market when you visually demonstrate a lifestyle, it increases your bottom line and takes the guess work out of it for potential buyers. You only get one chance to make that all important first impression and it’s all in the detail. We’ll expertly show you how to live in any space.

Garden & Landscape Design

The exterior of your home, nightscape lighting, views of your garden from inside, and your home’s curb appeal can be every bit as important as a well planned interior. This is especially important if you entertain regularly, or are considering showing your home to prospective buyers. We offer overall landscape design, as well as exterior night lighting for your home.

Event Planning & Catering

Muse Marketing also specializes in the art of event planning and catering services. Our goal is to put together the perfect event for you. When it comes to event design and catering services, we combine European flair and style, with New York savvy and expertise.

Muse Marketing has lent its considerable talents to product launches, non-profit gala events, art shows, corporate events and high-end social events. If you can imagine it, Muse Marketing can make your party idea a reality, handling every aspect from planning to execution. For your next event, whether large or small, we will assist you in putting together a party that will be memorable.